Why I am deleting you from my Facebook…

“Let us move toward choices that liberate us”

Yes, let us do that indeed.


The other morning, after a lovely yoga class, a very dear friend and I sat down over a coffee to chat: life, love, husbands, friends, work, goals, did I mention gossip? Of course we had a little gossip, because that’s what happens when you are in a safe space, you can “off load” or share your true feelings, and get off your chest, all the things that have been bothering you, and do you know what the main problemo we were both experiencing?

The feeling that we are constantly comparing ourselves to an unrealistic idea of what women should be.

How sad.

Now that my friends is what I call: The suppression of women.

I’m not talking bondage, although sex slavery and pornography did come up, I’m also not talking about the suppression that our grannies and Great grannies and all the suffagettes fought so hard to eliminate, I mean we have the power of the vote these days, but yet, somehow we are still suppressed. Suppressed by the depressing, unachievale and stereotypical ideals women have to meet in order to be acceptable in society.

“yummy mummy”


” sexy CEO”

” skinny”

“size zero”

“post pregancy abs”

” strong is is new sexy”

“girl next door”

What do theses ridiculous phrases have in common?

For one: it’s totally ok to be called that, or to strive toward such a basic definition of who you are.

Secondly, we all actually measure ourselves against these terms.

And thirdly there are way too many women,  subscribing to this CRAP, making money off this CRAP, and further suppressing their fellow females by continuing its cycle.

How many women do you see these days, so far down the rabbit hole, that suppression of other women has become their job?

Im talking, pornstars, bikini models, the countless mtv “singers”, magazine models, actresses, and now recently, health coaches, lifestyle gurus, yoga instructors, or Yoga personalities? I mean when and how did that even become a thing?

We are being suppressed by the media, they dictate to us what we should look like, talk like, what we should eat, drink, or do, but now we are being dictated to by our own female friends too?

There is so much information available to us these days: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Pinterest, every where we look, or search, someone is telling us what to do, how to look, how to make a weight loss smoothie, how to get your body back after having kids? ( where did your body go? Jamaica?)

Every second Instagram post I see these days is a half naked “yogi” doing some elaborate, un-obtainable, slightly pornagraphic “yoga pose”, with a deep and meaningful slogan/saying at the bottom.

If I have to read one more Osho/Rumi quote on how the world needs more peace, or love, or sex??? or whatever, however you want to interpret these images…. I may actually delete them from my account.

In actual fact… That’s what this post is all about.. I am going to delete, unfriend, unfollow and most certainly unsubscribe to this nonsense.

We have the power to decide how we respond, and my response shall be liberation.

Liberation from the negative feelings of self doubt, and comparison, to the empowering, achievable and realistic version of myself.

The only way we can move forward from this, is to support each other, not compare, but love.

Whole-heartedly, completely and without judgement we need to love each other.

Let us move toward choices that liberate us.

Do the things that make you feel good, eat the food that nourishes your body, and when you don’t, it’s ok too.

We are allowed to be ourselves, our unique incredible selves.

As women, we take care of so many, our bodies grow babies, they can feed our babies, they can love, and protect and nourish.

Our bodies are powerful, beautiful, and strong, and they deserve so much more than a meagre comparison to a filtered Instagram post.

We rock.

We really do.

We just need to tap into to that, to focus on the good stuff, and to eliminate the crap.

So if you will excuse me, I have some social media detoxing to do.

Till we meet again,


( All the love, light, grace, and kick ass power within me, acknowledges all the love, light, grace and kick ass power within you)



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