This work found me

My Patients often ask me how I came to do the work I do.

I didn’t go into Homeopathy knowing that women’s work was where I was headed. I was deeply focused on political events and women’s rights and I was striving to be the next female professer or university Dean.

Turns out I wasn’t as good at political rallies as I thought I would be, but once a feminist always a feminist I suppose, and one of the ways to strive for women’s safety and equal rights is through guiding, empowering and supporting them through their feminine healthcare.

In my 3rd year of university I did my initial yoga teachers training and that was my first taste of real holistic healthcare: I learnt so much about Mindfulness and the importance of staying present and calm during times of stress. I was lucky enough to travel to India and experience and study some incredible yoga and Ayurveda medicine during my trip

I went on to study kiddies yoga and then found prenatal and postnatal yoga whilst I was completing my degree in Homeopathy

Once qualified I used to run a prenatal yoga class twice a week and became really good friends with one mum, she was doing a Childbirth education class called HYPNOBIRTHING which teaches the tools of breathing, relaxation and a positive mindset to help you achieve a gentle birth experience. Her husband was traveling a lot for work when the baby was due and she asked me if I would like to assist her in labour as her birth companion. What an honour. And what an eye opening experience. Up till that point I had only ever observed surgical births during our hospital rounds at university. But this was magical and powerful and so beautiful… And it encouraged me to train as a Hypnobirthing practitioner and Doula.

Since then I have been running gentle childbirth education classes, working as a Doula and assisting women in my Homeopathic practice to fall pregnant, enjoy their pregnancies and then support them as a Doula during delivery or after birth with bonding, breastfeeding and healthcare advice through nutrition, supplements and homeopathic remedies.

I follow the mantra: “Peace on Earth begins with birth” and I truly do believe that a women who is empowered in her pregnancy will feel confident and positive during her birthing experience and will transition with peace and trust into her mothering role.

This work found me, whilst I was finding myself, and I am honored and blessed to work with, educate and empower women every day.

In doing this work I will hopefully uplift and encourage more women to support each other, and ultimately, keep striving for our feminine rights.


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