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Homeopathy (1)


Homeopathy is a curative system of therapy that restores health, by stimulating the body’s own mechanisms of defense and repair.

In Homeopathy, the focus is on the bio-individuality or 'the 'whole person' by using therapeutic methods that are safe and effective for the body’s needs.

I create sustainable solutions through medicine, homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures, supplementation, nutrition, and mindfulness.

I offer online consultations over Zoom. Alternatively, you can book an in person consultation at my practice in Hilton and Umhlanga, KZN.

If you require remedies, supplements, and tinctures you can order from my online store.


If you have just started your family planning journey or if you have been traveling this road for a while, I look forward to meeting with you, to help you conceive.

Fertility is not just about babies, it's about having a thriving reproductive system. So when the time is right for you to conceive, you will be ready to go!

Both partners will be assessed. We will do:

  • A full physical exam
  • Blood testing
  • Genetic testing
  • Emotional stress barriers will be explored.
  • Nutritional Support
  • Homeopathic and herbal treatment plans will be discussed.
Maternity (1)

Birth Support

Each pregnancy brings with it a new and often daunting experience. I have created a holistic and unique birth support package that provides inspiring childbirth education that covers everything from normal physiological birth to cesarean section.

You will learn what to expect when the baby arrives, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding tools and how to prepare your home and relationship for life with a new baby. We focus on hands-on birth support through yoga, massage as well as emotional tools, and partner empowerment so that you both feel calm and confident as you step into your new role as parents.

Post Partum Support

As a postpartum doula and mother, I have created these unique guidance sessions that encourage pregnant couples to plan and prepare for life with a new baby. We focus on tools to ensure you have space to rest, nourish, heal, and feel supported on your journey to parenthood.

We will explore :

  • How your body evolves and changes through pregnancy and birth, and how to best support these transitions.
  • How to create an optimal postpartum experience, through nourishment and eating the right foods, using homeopathic remedies and herbal tonics to encourage healing and replenishment.
  • We discuss the importance of rest and we will set up a support team that will be available to take care of you, your baby, and your new home life.
Post-Partum (1)
Newborn Care

Children's Health

In my practice, I care for babies and offer well-being checkups from birth. In these sessions, we ensure that moms and babes are both cared for.

We walk the road, through sleep issues, teething, starting solids, childhood illnesses, and navigating these new and exciting times together.

I work with parents to look at nutritional, herbal, and supplemental guidance in order to support their wellbeing too.

Wellness Coaching

Neuroscience–based wellness coaching, focusing on mindfulness and genetic testing.  I aim to empower the patient to understand their unique mind-gut link, and how to change their lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset to encourage holistic wellness and epigenetic change.

I also offer online and in-person detoxification and weightloss programs.

Wellness Coaching (1)