How to navigate your menstrual cycle like a pro: part 3



Learning about the relationship between food, exercise and your reproductive health is a great place to start on your journey to wellness.

There are so many fad-diets, health food regimes, and quick fixes offered to us, that it can seem daunting or overwhelming in which direction to move.

Part of my philosophy on health care and wellness is about RESEARCH:

Continuing with our journey to better understand our menstrual cycle,  and how we can serve the body through nutrition, exercise, and support, today our research looks at:

PHASE TWO: The Follicular Stage

Day 5 to 13

In this phase the pituitary gland releases follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulates the follicles in our ovaries to mature.

At this time, oestrogen levels start to rise which  will cause the uterine lining thicken again, it also leads to an increase in energy, strength and libido.

With an increase in your energy, you will feel a greater desire to work out more, so naturally you are going to want to fuel the body with bigger portion sizes or more meals in the day.

Day 11 – 14

Ovulation occurs in the middle of your cycle. This stage is when mature eggs are released and pushed down the Fallopian tube to be fertilized by sperm.

Women are at their most active at this stage, and the libido is at its height.


Take advantage of your increased energy and get the body moving.

High intensity interval training, weight lifting, or dance classes, as well as spinning or running will get the endorphin’s flying high.


Now is the time to add, Vitamin B12- found in red meat, to help nourish the cells as the body prepare for greater exertion.

Zinc, vitally important for correct cell division, you can increase your zinc levels by eating fish, and figs.

You can add better energy sources to your meals by incorporating; banana, nuts and seeds as snacks, more eggs, avocados, red meat like lamb and beef.

Below is a recipe for one of my delicious Coco-nutty -Berry Booster Smoothies:

You will need:

Half an Avocado

Half a frozen bananna

One big handful of macadamia nuts (more than less in this case)

2 Table spoons of coconut flakes

Half a cup of Frozen Berries ( I like a combination of Raspberries, Strawberries and Blueberries)

One cup of water


Next week we will complete this educational series, and I have a delicious TREAT included..


stay tuned…

Dr Meg





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