How to navigate your menstrual cycle like a pro: Part 2




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The interplay between pituitary and ovarian hormones gives rise to a stereotypical pattern of hormone levels during the menstrual cycle.

The pie chart above shows relative hormone levels in an average 28-day cycle.

PLEASE  NOTE: Not every woman has a typical 28 day cycle, which is why I am a firm believer in TRACKING your own cycle, and correctly recording your cycle day in your cycle diary or journal.


Phase ONE – Menstruation

Day one to five:

Day one is your first day of Menstruation. This can last up to 5 – 7 days depending on your own unique cycle. In the days leading up to menstruation, most women feel tense, irritable, experience pelvic pain or bloating. There is a hormonal shift that leads to breast tenderness and tiredness.

Once menstruation begins, the uterine lining breaks down, and women have a sense of relief.


Our appetites are usually smaller, and simple easier to digest meals are usually all that you need to sustain you.

The most important nutrients you will require are:

Iron: found in red meat, beans, shellfish, dark greens and sesame seeds

Vitamin C: found in citrus fruits, berries, red and yellow peppers

It is during this time, that I like to blend all my nutrients together to make a light and easy to digest smoothie.

On your Journey to HOLISTIC HEALTH it is always great to meet new friends who may guide you, or uplift you as you learn.

I would like to introduce you to my friend KELLY LYNCH DIETITIAN – who has lovingly created the recipe  GREEN GODDESS for our blog today.

You can find out more about her services over at

GREEN GODDESS is a wonderfully nutritious smoothie that is energizing, easy to digest and filled with all the positive nourishment you may need during this stage.





When it comes to exercise this is the time that the body needs a lot of rest and recuperation.

Honour this transition time by going to bed early, and enjoying more passive forms of exercise like a yin yoga class, or a walk in nature.

My Favorite yoga pose to practice; that brings great relief for menstrual cramping and helps to restore my energy levels is:


Lying flat on your back, or lying over a bolster or pillow.

Allow the soles of your feet to touch, your knees will gently flop out either side of you.

Extend your arms up over your head, and close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths in and out of the nostrils- really focusing on sending the breath down into the pelvis.

I like to spend a good five to ten minutes in this pose.

Please stay tuned for our next blog post on this series of navigating your menstrual cycle like a pro...

I have a few more recipes, and other wonderful ladies to introduce you to.


Till then, Take care.

Dr Meg




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