Your breathing is related to the the way you use your body and also to the way you feel.

Breathing makes movement in the body simple and easy to do. It gradually releases the body of tightness and constriction, allowing your muscles to relax and lengthen.

When you inhale, oxygen rich air enters your body through your nostrils, passes through your windpipe, and moves via the bronchial tubes into your alveoli (tiny little air sacks in the lungs). From here the oxygen moves into your bloodstream, and is taken to your heart, to be redistributed around your body. When you breath out, you are exhaling all the toxins and carbon dioxide that you no longer need. When you are pregnant you are not only breathing for one, but for two. This makes it even more important to make the most of this life supporting process.


Start by simply observing the flow of your breath. Let the air simply leave your body though your nostrils as you exhale. At the end of the exhalation, allow the new air to gently pass through your nostrils and move into your lungs. 

Keep on going like this, following that natural, rhythmic movement of breath in, and breath out of your body, allowing your body to become still and settled.


  • Left hand on your tummy
  • Right hand on the lower part of the chest
  • As you inhale, count to four, feeling your belly inflate like a balloon, left hand will gently rise
  • As you exhale,  count up to eight, allowing the belly to deflate, and your right hand should sink into the cavity created by the drooping of your shoulders and chest
  • Continue this calm breath cycle for ten rounds.


Taking the time to nurture yourself throughout your pregnancy, will lay the foundation for a nurtured, calmer and happier mom and babe

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