Great expectations

?I decided to go back to the yoga studio a few nights back.
I had been planning this adventure all weekend.
It would be my first solo trip out the house in 9 weeks.

Up until that point baby J and I have been 2 little peas in a pod. Everything I do, and everywhere I go, my little mini me, has been in tow.

This codependency is partially because I’m feeding on demand, and trying to practice responsive parenting, but mainly because Iv been far too apprehensive to leave her with anyone else ( first time mum control issues maybe???)
Listen, before you judge, I didn’t plan for it to be this way, in my innocent pregnant mind, I envisioned my maternity leave to consist of long leisurely strolls on the prommi, pushing my pram, stopping for a coffee and a chat with a friend.

I pictured leaving little J with my mum or gran, as I skipped off to yoga, to enjoy a well deserved stretch, heck, I even thought I’d be booking in a weekly massage or mani/pedi.

Oh, looking back in hindsight, I really was naive, perhaps my ignorance allowed for blissful dreaming.
Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not all nappies and boobs, there is a lot of fun and games in between, but finding space in my new life to create “me time” has been harder than expected.

After a couple tears, and a real mommy melt down, my darling husband gently nudged me toward the front door, and suggested I go to yoga.

I know I’m a better person when I have a regular yoga practice, but I think he has realized this too… 😉

After a lengthy demonstration on how to use the bottle, when to burp, and change little J, a double check that dummies, blankies and baby monitors were in place,
I worked up the courage to leave husband and baby to do what they needed to do.

I was so proud of myself, driving down the road, no baby, no car seat responsibilities, just me, my mat, and a smug little grin at myself in the review mirror for being such a brave and new age girl.

Snug face didn’t last long. It was replaced by strained face, and perspiration. I completely forgot how hard yoga can be after a couple months off.
A few deep breaths, and butt clenching, bridge pose later, my phone started vibrating away with frantic calls from the hubs to return.
I checked the time… 15 mins in..seriously? It couldn’t possibly be? We hadn’t even got to “downward dog” yet, let alone the awesome head massage and relaxation I had been fantasizing over.
But the phone kept buzzing, and my responsibilities were a calling, “savasana” will have to wait for another day.

Off I went, car keys In hand, mat dragged sadly behind me, as I headed on home to save the day…

Only to find an exhausted baby girl, passed out in my frazzled husbands arms. Now you can imagine my face this time…

I decided that instead of throwing my car keys at his head, I’d pour a glass of wine, pack the yoga mat away and have an extra long hot bath.

Moral of the story:
Have no bloody expectations.
Other moral… always have a bottle of red wine on hand.

Extra moral…. do not wait to practice bridge pose after 2 long months.. your body will shout at you, just as mine is doing right now..

Oh my poor butt muscles, and inner thighs…  😉

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