Functional Fertility

The Holistic guide to Functional Fertility and wellbeing throughout your pregnancy.

Your guide to preconception care, fertility, and a healthy positive pregnancy.

Functional Fertility 2

Module 1:

  • preconception planning.
  • fertility awareness + cycle tracking.
  • hormonal detoxification.
  • fertility nutrition and lifestyle.
  • body work, somatics, how to prepare and support the physical body and pelvic floor.
  • understanding the role of your nervous system and mindfulness in cultivating a conscious conception.

Module 2:

  • exploring relationships, and navigating the emotional toll that infertility can create in the marriage.
  • unexplained infertility: correct lab testing and understanding the lab results.
  • improving egg and sperm quality.
  • PCOS.
  • endometriosis.
  • support for IUI & IVF.
Functional fertility
Functional Fertility 3

Module 3:

  • transitioning into pregnancy, and how to care for your body and your baby in your pregnancy.
  • optimal nourishment.
  • correct supplementation.
  • body work and exercise.

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About your instructor

Hello there dear one,
I’m Dr Meg,

your guide and support to functional fertility, helping you navigate the world of preconception planning and working to achieve a positive and healthy pregnancy.

As a Homeopathic Doctor, functional medicine practitioner, mindfulness, yoga teacher and counsellor, my expertise lies in guiding individuals through the sometimes overwhelming space of trying to conceive.

This is for you, if you are wanting to become empowered and focus on your overall well being, If it's your first time trying to conceive, or if you have been undergoing fertility intervention, IUI or IVF.

My goal is to impart essential knowledge in a simple and easy to understand guideline.
Offering actionable tools and sustainable solutions.

I work to help couples achieve their pregnancy goals, maintain a healthy pregnancy, and build and develop optimal overall health throughout postpartum and into their lives as a new family