Doing the work

Before I got married, I decided that I owed it to myself and my future husband to examine the real me, who I was and what I was going to bring in to our marriage.

I did a lot of self work,  I sought out the advice of wonderful counselors, life coaches, and dear friends, and I addressed my insecurities, my shortcoming and acknowledged my limitations.

I put in the hours and I used my time to really get to know myself, and in doing that I learnt how much I had to offer.

The problem was that this Offering, was hidden behind a cloud of self doubt, “what if’s?” “I can’ts” and,“I am NOT enough’s”.

By working through that self imposed mist of nonsense, I realized that deep down I really loved myself.

And the “what if’s” became Why NOT’S? And the “I cant’s became,  I CAN and the “Not enough’s”, became MORE MORE MOE than enough.

Doing that work, gave me the tools I needed to grow further and to work on becoming a better person for myself, and also for husband.

Being in a marriage that has such strong pillars of love and support has allowed me the space to grow up, and to fill out, and I have realized the phenomenal impact that a happy self, and a happy home,  has had on my community too.

I woke up today realized, I have changed.
How my self worth and self love has grown.

I am no longer the scared,insecure, or selfish person of my past.
I am a strong, independent, and loving woman, and I am on a mission to grow further, to continue with my development and to touch the lives of the people I am so blessed to work with.
I am no longer held back my old limitations- I have shed that skin of self doubt, or self sabotage, and I won’t settle for that negativity in life any longer.

I am sharing this today, because sometimes we just need to be honest with ourselves, and acknowledge where we have come from, but also because we need to honest with each other.

It is not always sunshine and roses, sometimes its really shitty, and hard and gloomy.

We live in the cyber world where we only post, experience or share the really awesome but very well edited versions of our “perfect lives”. It is wonderful to see the great stuff, I am all for the positive vibes, but we forget that there is a lot of work and behind the scenes to those lovely happy stories too.

Sometimes in sharing our stories of greatness, we forget to share all the hard work and effort that went into it.

Today I wanted to share the inside story, the messy, hard, grimy version– because in reality, that is where most of us are.

Hustling it out, struggling through, working on ourselves.

Today I want to share with you what I have learnt over this year:

We are the masters of our own destiny.

We have the power to change our attitudes, and in doing so change our lives.

All we need is a reason that is bigger than us, we need an intention that will serve more than just our own selfish needs, my reason was the sanctity of my marriage and the relationship I have with my husband.

That reason kept me working, moving, pushing boundaries and growing, and it has all seemed to flow organically within me.

That is the thing, once you have set the intention, the momentum will fuel you onward, and the universe will do all it can to help you realize your desire.

All you have to do is start.

Set your intention.

Find your reason.

Lay down your boundaries…

And as Rihanna says so well… do the “work, work, work, work, work”


With Love,

Dr Meg


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