Blueberry Bliss… a pregnancy treat

Now that I have fallen pregnant, I find all the multivitamins, supplements and remedies that I have added to my daily diet a bit all consuming… and to be honest, there are many days I often forgot to pop the pills.

Instead of panicking about missing out on all these essential added extras, I rely on my diet, and the benefit of real, natural vitamins and minerals found in our food.

We are lucky enough to be able to get really great, fresh organic fruits and veg from local markets, food stalls and the good old Grocer down the road.

Real food, offers a multitude of benefits, one being the taste factor, and in pregnancy the most important I have found, is that I don’t have to try and swallow a whole lot of tablets when I am feeling a bit green around the gills.

This little treat is loaded with fiber  ( important for all people, but essential for comfort in pregnancy).

Folate: A very special micronutrient  for the development of a healthy spinal cord and nervous system in your developing baby.

Vitamin C: Assists with regeneration and growth of new cells, as well as keeping the immune system strong.

Vitamin B6, K and phytonutrient: Assist in lowering cholesterol and help with cardiovascular and heart health.

The Chia Seeds: provide 5 x more calicium than a glass of milk, without all the nasties of added hormones, bleaches etc..

This is how I make it:

In the blender/ nutribullet goes:

1/2 cup of blueberries( fresh or frozen)

1/2 frozen banana 

3 Tablespoons of Chia seeds

5 Tablespoons of oats ( if you want to bulk it up for brekki) 

A handful of almonds

A teaspoon of honey( this is optional and purely for taste) 

1/3 cup of chilled water, or coconut water

A few blocks of ice.

Blend. Decant. Enjoy.


ps… this has become a very firm favourite for me in the evenings when my blood sugar is low, but so is my desire to cook or eat…

sorry husband….. No real dinner for you, but then again, I was never really the domestic goddess to start with.





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