A happy state of Fertility

  1. the quality of being fertile; productiveness.
    “improve the soil fertility by adding compost”
    synonyms: fecundity, fruitfulness, productiveness, prolificacy, generativeness; More

    • the ability to conceive children or young.
      “anxiety and stress affect fertility in both men and women”
      synonyms: ability to conceive, ability to have children, virility, fecundity, potency, reproductiveness

      “happiness has an effect on ones ability to concieve”



      I prefer the first definition.. “Improve the soil fertility by adding compost”

      It just makes more sense to me.

      It has a gentle, practical and real feel to it.

      Its far less invasive then words like: pap smear, ultrasound, laboratory, clinic..

      How can we expect to grow another life within, when the soil quality is not at its peak?

      Now I’m not saying that we are all walking around with baron, dry,  sad looking gardens, or that we are all desperately unhealthy? but sometimes a little bit of tweaking can go a long way….

      Think of yourself as a beautiful lush garden, then think of all things you may require to keep that garden thriving.

      First things first:

      Tend to the soil… What are you putting into your garden?

      Start to examine your daily diet. Without too much judgement, start to take note of the food you are eating, the liquids you are drinking, and within a week of solid observation you will see what is good, and what is not so good, and truth be told, we actually already know, instinctually we know what is helping and what is hurting our bodies, my suggestion, move toward the help.

      Helpful, Healthful suggestions:

      Start to decrease your caffeine intake, initially halve your quota, then quarter it,  until your down to 1 max 2 cups a day. slowly slowly is the best way to help with withdrawels and the nasty headaches, not to mention exhaustion , nausea and down right foul mood grumpiness that follows you around as you walk past the wonderfully smelling coffee shops ( trust me, iv done this more than once, and it never gets easier), but then it happens, usually a week later, one happy day you wake up, and opt for ginger tea instead of the latte..

      The same can be said for alcohol intake, slowly, slowly without judgement we move toward sobriety, and a happier liver, stomach, and hormonal system.

      Start to increase your intake of whole foods, green foods, and fresh foods. I’m talking avo’s, spinach, kale,beans, broccoli, lean protein, eggs, mackeral, berries, citrus fruit, and good wholesome fats.

      Nuts, pulses and seeds are wonderful, nourishing and healthful too.

      Start to take your prenatal vitamins, especially those with folate, and omega’s.

      Stress releasing Herbals like: Whythania, Bacopa, and Valerian have a wonderful adaptogenic effect on the adrenals, and work to sooth and calm the nervous system.

      Nourishment in terms of eating and drinking is one thing, but so is your mental and emotional nourishment.

      ” Happiness has an effect on ones ability to concieve”

      Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, burning the candles at both ends, all terms and conditions we are very much accustom to, however doesn’t mean they are doing any good to the “composting of you soil”.

      Without too much of a physiology lesson, it’s important that we understand why happiness is such a magical ingredient for baby making.

      the opposite of happy, is stress And stress in any form is registered in the SNS ( sympathetic Nervous System), causing the body to release adrenaline and cortisol as an immediate form of protection, however after each hit, we start to accumulate increased levels of Cortisol, which leads to elevated levels of insulin, which lead to further elevated levels of glucose, which we know leads to inflammation, weight gain, diabetes and a whole host of other uncomfortable, inconvenient, and difficult syndromes to deal with.

      In order to remedy this, we need to find activities, hobbies, daily routines, that help us to activate the PSNS ( parasympathetic nervous system) instead. When we operate from this arm of the Autonomic Nervous system, we keep those endorphins, and happy hormone flowing, ultimately minimising the stress response in the body, and helping to keep inflammation and cortisol at bay…

      How do we do that you may ask?

      Well, Im a lover and advocate of yoga, but any form of exercise will work for you, the trick is that you have to actually love doing it, and not do it for reasons dictated by the scales, magazine models or other self-depreciating motives. The goal here is to feel good, really really good.

      So if knitting and drawing have more of a relaxing effect to you than burpies and box jumps, you need to make some time to fulfill this daily.

      Other things that make you feel good….. Sex. Firstly it is a very important part of the making babies process, but it also allows for connection and intimacy with your partner! which leads to deeper levels of joy and happiness. When you do conceive, you want that little one created in an environment of love and communion.

      Sometimes our soil needs a little more than good old sunshine and water, we may need to check the PH levels, weed out the bugs and remove the pesticides,and that’s where a little bit of professional help can come in. Find a practitioner who you trust, and like, as they are going to be examining your more intimate elements of the forestry, and you are probably going to be working together for a while, rather have feelings of happiness for this person, than feelings of anxiety, tension or stress…. We all know where that leads us too.

      Take some time this week to connect in with your body, your cycle, you daily nourishment, and start to move toward helpful, healthful and happier choices.

      I’ll be back next week, with more handy tips to add to your gardening tools…

      Till then, iv got some birds and bees that need tending to….




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